In the beginning of September we started with the execution of a new project in southern Germany. Five tunnels with total length 1.236 m have to be reconstructed: Finsterbuehltunnel with 166 m length, Hoernletunnel with 228 m length, Setzetunnel with 104 m length, Kapftunnel with 203 m lenth and Doeggingertunnel with 535 m length. All tunnels are one-track railway tubes on a track in the Black Forest. The track will be electrified and modernized to fulfill all requirements on actual safety and efficiency standards.

The works consist of lowering the bottom of the tubes, widening of the arch, strengthening of reinforcement structures and revitalisation of the dewatering drainage system. Narrow conditions and complex logistics in  this difficult terrain are not the only challenges. We expect also difficult wether conditions in the winter.