On the third of March 2018, the tunnel between the Ventilation system shaft (vertical shaft with cross section of 380 m2 and depth of 17 meters) and the Metro Station 6 with a length of 445 meters and a cross-section of 63 m2.

The construction was conducted after the New Austrian Tunneling Method with preliminary constructed pipe umbrella and was carried out in extremely difficult hydrogeological conditions.  

The tunnel passes under a densely constructed urban environment, the crossroad at Danail Nikolaev Blvd., and the functioning 6 tracked railway Sofia - Bourgas.

The proximity to the Perlovska River faced Euro Alliance Tunnels' specialists with numerous challenges which they have brilliantly overcome.

Once again, Euro Alliance Tunnels and its established specialists have proved their competence in the implementation of complex and highly risky projects.

Congratulations to colleagues and success in the future projects!