On 12th of September 2014, in eleven o'clock the first of the series of tunnels on highway Struma, LOT 2 /Dupnitsa - Blagoevgrad/ - tunnel "T2" was broken through. It is placed by the junction for the village of Kocherinovo.
The break-through of the tunnel was executed by the teams of Euro Alliance Tunnela for less than four months, with average progress of about 6 meters per day.
The tunnel is constructed after the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM).

Tunnel "T2" consists of two tubes with length of the right tube 355 m and the left tube 341 m., and a cross-section of 98.70 m2.

The accuracy in the connection of the two tubes is with 4 mm tolerance.

The complete finish of the tunnel is scheduled for December 2014.

Contractor is Consortium “Struma – LOT2”, performer of the main contract.

Designer of the project is "Sweco Energoproekt" JSC.

Engineer of the project is OCAC "Alliance "Struma-PP"".