On 20th of March 2018 Euro Alliance received prestigious awards in two categories – the most successful infrastructure project and the most successful international infrastructure project in the period 2007-2017.

The award in the first category is a recognition of the successful planning and construction of the most complex part of Metro-Diameter 2 – Metro Station 8 II.  This critical for the overall implementation lot of the second line of the Sofia Metro, involved the construction of a metro station, based on an underground tunnelling method (the New Austrian Tunnelling Method /NATM/) and the formation of underground levels, in order to preserve archaeological findings, discovered at the construction site. No such project had been implemented so far, and the only company, having the necessary expertise, capabilities and experience to implement it, was Euro Alliance Tunnels. For more information, please visit: HERE TO LEARN MORE
The second award was received for the construction of the Predajane Tunnel in Serbia, Lot 3 of the construction of the International Road Е 75 (Pan-European Corridor 10). Due to the extremely challenging geological conditions, the tunnel was one of the two most difficult facilities, and despite that, it was the first fully completed lot in this entire section. For more information, please VISIT HERE.

We are proud and honoured to receive these awards and we wish our colleagues good look and success in the future!